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I just got a new monitor today and wanted to see what cubase might or might not do and I discovered that it will not work as a full-screen application across more than one monitor so is this because of the OS or a missing feature of Cubase.

I have therefore decided to keep one program on one screen and others on the “other” which I have set up as the left side which is where my browser is.

Full screen multi-monitor is a function of your video driver. For instance, Nvidia uses a app called NView that performs this function (in XP - not sure about windows 7).

Another option is to drag the main window across both monitors.

What I do is I full screen cubase in the left monitor, and I set “always on top” for things like VSTis and the mixer. I can then drag those to the other monitor.



On the Mac, you can move any window to any monitor, because there is not “desktop” of the Cubase. On Windows, you can move just some Windows out from the main Cubase “desktop” (like Transport bar, Big time, etc., I think). On Windows, you have to make bigger the Cubase “desktop” - on both monitors. Btw: on Windows, you can make virtual bigger desktop, and use scrolling, what is not possible on Mac.


Thanks for the replies.

Martin, is this relevant:

I don’t think so. I have not good experience with virtual destops. Eith I think, it will not works with Cubase.

There are Workspaces in the Cubase. You can set different display options (different windows, different zooms, etc.), and switch them by Alt+num. Very useful!


I tried and abandoned using a virtual desktop. You do get the ability to full screen across two monitors, but most pop up windows that usually default to the middle of the screen, end up stradled between the two monitors, and that is just annoying.

I just dragged Cubase across the two screens, then Cubase always remembers this and you don’t need to do it again, then any window can go anywhere.

Hi and thanks for writing in.

I guess that’s the issue, splash screens showing on one monitor and applications on another along with a taskbar on a single screen.

I’ve decided that for my “work flow” I will probably run cubase in one screen as I always have and use the other one for applications like wav to mp3 converter, internet browser and file managers and use AOT (as I always have) with Plugin UI’s on the left, since I don’t particularly like the idea of unmaximized windows and cannot stand the idea of docking (except maybe for the transport bar).

As each release of the DAW is realized, zooming and scrolling becomes more reliable anyway so it’s not such a big deal to need everything on screen at the same time, however saying that I really don’t know what a workspace can achieve in this situation and even if the basic versions support workspace management in any respect.

Thank you one and all, nice infos.

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I have used Cubase with two monitors for years and it works fine, I dont see what the problem is. You just stretch it across both monitors. I could never go back to one monitor now.

There’s no problem (other than OT posts) but I’m one that does not want to be mucking around moving the edges of windows and I much prefer having everything maximized and simply navigating via the Window menu.

I don’t know much about workspaces but if all they do is provide some arrangement of UI’s and windows then I cannot see much of a role in my setup for that kind of situation.

Three monitors here, two off the video card and one off the motherboard. (Running W7).

I then have my arrange, MIDI and audio workspaces. I remapped the Workspaces to F5, F6 and F7 and I switch between them constantly.

Under Windows 7 you can run as many monitors as you have video cards for. I’m getting a second video card and will run four monitors, so my VST apps can always have their own window.

FTR been running four monitors here for a long while (1080p, 22"). I keep one monitor purely for C6.5 (RH Bottom). In the monitor above I run three mixers, audio along the bottom, for the entire width and two smaller mixers above side by side for groups/ fx and one for VSTi outputs.

The two LHS monitors are used for the VST Audio Channel Settings and for any currently open plugs.

I have to say it would be a tremendous boon to be able to break out either the project window or the sample/key editor from the main app and to be able to cascade these outside of the main application area. More monitors does make for a better experience with C6 for sure; highly recommended.

Yes. It’s OS and/or your display driver. Just drag your Cubase main window to cover all your monitors and the problem is solved. Takes less than 15 seconds of your life. Case closed.

As stated previously, I for one do not want to be messing around with edges of windows, so at this time I opt for more of the approach as laid out by the user Ron Garrison.

Due to the design of the OS in this area, it is not possible to have true multi-monitor operation, as there is always a caveat but my work around would be to continue as I am and not continue with the notion that all monitors must be the same size, brand etc for any reason so on a larger screen (right hand side) I can see more of the project window and/or editors and on the left I can put the application windows of other running programs and drag across VST Editors and so on since I believe those (VST UI’s) positions are retained.

The only problem of course is where to put the task bar, as that I believe is governed by which monitor the OS deems the default so any more information here would be much appreciated.

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There’s a couple of posts above that suggest this is a Windows thing, which isn’t true. Windows permits “undocking” of any subwindow from the main application window. (It still has to be written into the program code). Eg. the transport bar is undocked, and you can undock all the windows in other apps like Adobe Premiere. They’ll put it in Cubase 7 hopefully.

I’ve got a similar setup as what you speak about, though the right hand monitor is the smaller one, and I have project window mostly on the left, but stretched also over to the right. Take a look here: Task bar is indeed on the left monitor, and I haven’t seen it otherwise, but maybe it’s possible. For me this turns out fine with the left monitor 1920 x 1080, and the other 1280 x 1024. the lesser height on the right leaves just about the space the task bar needs.

Where do you put your speakers? do you not get a lot of sound focused back from four flat surfaces pointed at your head?

It depends which monitor is the “default” as specified as per Windows Personalization.

Perhaps you have a look here…[keyword_search]=Monitor

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