multi-mono Trim plug-in ? recommendations?

multi-mono Trim plug-in? can somebody recommend me one? or do we have something for this in Cubase?

Depending on how many “multi” is - yes we do have something for this in Cubase.

Not sure exactly what you’re after but I use Blue Cat’s Free gain plugin which can be linked to adjust multiple tracks at once.


For example? … (Only left and right)

Thanks for the contribution and help, I have used it before, but it is a little limited in terms of values that can only go up and down full decibels as far as I remember.

“Mix6to2” and “Mixer delay”. i think under “Tools” or maybe even “surround”

Surround. Even for somebody who never works in surround, Mix6to2 is one of the most useful included plugins :slight_smile:.

There must be a bug somewhere in the Blue Cat Gain plug…it can go up in smaller increments than a single decibel but only if you control it via a remote control…which is just weird. I seem to recall it will only write automation when controlled remotely too…

If you hold down the shift key, it will change by 0.1 dB increments.

Ha! I vaguely remembered there used to be something but couldn’t find it yesterday! Nice one and thanks! :smiley:

Awesome!!! thank you!!

I just looked them up in google, and I never knew we had those tools! Thanks!! it looks pretty much like what I’m looking for!

You´re welcome.