Multi-note Tremolo question

Hello, I have set halve notes (minims) to have the outermost stem join.
Is there a way to have this for quarter notes (crotchets) too, as in this example?

No, there isn’t, because that’s actually improper notation by modern practice. It reads as 2 eighth notes with tremolo, i.e. half the necessary length. We can’t connect beams to the stems of quarter notes without making them look like eighth notes, so this style is not allowed.

If you must reproduce this as it was printed, I guess I would resort to a hidden 2:4 tuplet on eighth notes.

Mark, as a string player I would not have to think twice, when playing from the (handwritten) music. If coming across the “proper” notation, I would indeed have to scratch my head. The example is from 1911 btw. I don’t know, wether that’s considered modern notation.

Although it may be improper notation by modern practice, Maurice Ravel wrote this in the first violin part near the end of Le jardin féerique from Ma mère l’Oye in 3/4 time:


To answer the original question in this topic, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the notes as sixteenth notes separated by a sixteenth rest.
  2. Select each note and apply a 1:2x tuplet to it.
  3. Select both notes and apply a two strokes multi-note tremolo to them.
  4. Hide the tuplet numbers.