Multi-note tremolo with single-note tremolo strokes

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Is this unusual shorthand notation possible to achieve with Dorico:
Screenshot 2022-08-26 235808 Dorico multi-note tremolo with sigle-note tremolo strokes

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What is the longhand version supposed to be?


Screenshot 2022-08-27 001331 Dorico usual longhand

Or this:
Screenshot 2022-08-27 001721 Dorico more usual longhand version

It’s possible graphically (use tuplets) but will not play back correctly.

I’ve seen this in the music of R. Strauss (Salome, for example).

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How exactly do you propose this to be done graphically?

Use a tuplet to enter the notes (2 eighths in the space of 4 eighths) and then change the note-heads to a half-note glyph. Enter the tremolos in the usual way.

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Thanks for the solution! (In fact, I also figured it out on my own shortly after I replied.) This is the result:
Screenshot 2022-08-27 173245 Dorico multi-note tremolo with single-note tremolo strokes workaround

As long as you are fine with emulating the All lines join stem option of the Appearance of half note (minim) tremolos: setting and the playback being wrong, this is a neat workaround, and luckily I am fine with those premises. Not sure how to go about the other options though, but at least it solved my original problem.

Another approach without using tuplets or changing noteheads: Choose the All lines join stems option for the Appearance of half note (minim) tremolos in Engraving Options. Enter four quarter notes in the measure. Select the first two notes and apply the One Stroke Multi-note Tremolo from the right panel. Repeat for the next two notes. Select all four notes and in engrave mode, select One stroke for the Single stem tremolo property.


Thanks for your input! This works much better, plus you can choose freely between the different Appearance of half note (minim) tremolos options afterwards.