multi-output effects - free plugin..

the kushview element audio plugin can host vst plugins, vst2 and vst3, and recognizes the multiple outputs, so you can use the multiple outputs within the element plugin.
for example reason rack FX and unfiltered audio triad.

it seems that the kushview plugins do not have a recieve (if you load more than 1 element plugin, they could communicate, if implemented, or i don’t see it yet), so, in that way it is limited,

i just got it working, maybe there are more possibilties.

but you can connect multi-output effects as you like, within element, that can add some nice sounddesign possibilies, but in the end it will output stereo. no prob.

i wish steinberg would implement this, reaper, reason, ableton, harrisson mixbus have this (i only mention the daw’s i have and can do it).

but for now:

(and perhaps it can off load plugin load… i don’t know… i don’t need it, now. but every new plugin demands more… o well, never had to freeze, bounce, etc.)