Multi output from Kontakt 6.6.1 stil messed up in Cubase?

Hi, Lately installed Cubase pro update 11.0.40 which should have fixed the Kontakt 6.6.1 multi output issue. I am struggling for days now with this, but all my efforts are in vain. In kontakt it seems to work, all the different outputs are routed to separate outputs. In Cubase, however, The sound from independent Kontakt outputs will not routed to the Cubase mixer.

What do I have to do to get this right (again).
Thanx in advance for your help

the issue is on the Kontakt side as well, it’s not Cubase only

Hi Steffen, that means that my issue is not solved jet?

I would ask everyone who has the same experience, to reply.

to be complete, I run Cubase pro 11.0.40

I can’t check it at the moment, I’m away from the Cubase dongles until the weekend.

But last time I tried multiple outputs in Kontakt it was a bit of confusing how it works, but it worked…
You have to reconfigure the outputs inside Kontakt and then apply a corresponding setup from Cubase.

Thank you Steffen, I have managed to reconfigure the outputs within Kontakt. seems that it works properly there. But loading a Kontakt instance in Cubase and apply all the used Kontakt outputs, will not route the sound from the different Kontakt outputs into the Cubase mixer. Only a stereo master (mostly the first output) will do. So you can hear something on one output, but not on the different outputs as defined.

And that worked properly in earlier version of both Cubase and Kontakt. How can I solve this.

Of course not… you have to route it inside Kontakt…

I have taken some screenshots which might help to clarify the problem

In this picture you see one of the kontakt outputs called “snare” is routed to output “snare” and seems to work in kontakt.

In this picture you see cubase mixer which shows activity on the first 3 outputs (stereo) OH,Room and CMPst but no sign of activity on the (mono outputs), while kontakt does.

here an overview of the assigned outputs in Cubase.

Anyway, while I am writing this, I have solved this problem myself. :grinning: It seems that Kontakt is only exporting stereo outputs, or Cubase does not control mono signals from Kontakt.

This is a pain to configure but it is entirely due to the fact that Kontakt is so configurable! I struggled with this for a long time, but creating your configuration in Kontakt, saving it as a default, and then creating a template project in Cubase with the mixer configured to match is how I addressed it.

This helped me eventually:
How to Create Multiple Outputs in KONTAKT and Route Them to a DAW
The Cubase-specific link at the bottom of that page currently still refers to Kontakt 5, which is confusing, but you’ll get the idea.