Multi-output with Instrument Track possible like in Pro tools?

Hello guys, I’m switching from Pro Tools to Cubase (finally!). But there is this one thing I cannot get used to in Cubase that I hope there is another way around.

In Pro Tools I can load a single instance of Kontakt in an instrument track and just output the audio to several other instrument tracks. All this instrument tracks will hold their own MIDI information as well. Which is a bliss!

In cubase to have the multi output thing I need to load a RACK instrument, but then I need seperate MIDI tracks to each of the audio tracks. Which for me is not ideal, since in PT I can have the same effect with just half of the tracks on my timeline (MIDI and audio together).

So the question is, is The INSTRUMENT TRACK in Cubase able to do what the INSTRUMENT TRACK in Pro Tools can? or is it impossible to be able to multi ouput on an instrument track in cubase without needing to create separate midi tracks and audio tracks. Thanks very much!!! :smiley:

You can have as many outputs on an instrument track as your plugin will allow. Midi channels are assigned by the plugin,i.e, Kontakt can have 10 outs assigned to 1 midi channel or 10 outs assigned to 10 midi channels

You do need neither the one nor the other.

I don’t know Pro Tools or Kontakt but all instruments pretty much work the same way.

Rack Instruments and Instrument Tracks work slightly differently. I prefer using Instrument Tracks the more I use Cubase, but in some instances, the Rack is the better choice, particularly for Multi-Output Drum Kits in Groove Agent SE. Kontakt may be similar and may have some peculiarities about it I’m not familiar with.

Things to remember:

  1. Activate Outputs on the instrument (Rack or Inst. Track)
  2. Add MIDI tracks as needed, assign to instruments/MIDI channel
  3. Assign Midi Tracks/Channels to Audio Outputs as needed – check Track Inspector and the output assignments of the instrument.
  4. Name the Outputs and the MIDI tracks in some logical pattern.

If you create a Rack Instrument, Cubase generates the output channels/faders for the outputs. Instrument tracks work slightly differently.

I’d also suggest that you save a Template or two to just practice working with output assignments.

Sorry, I can’t give a better side-by-side comparison. I hope this helps a bit.