multi outputs VST (RMX/Kontakt) to seperate mixchannels

I want to assign separate audio channels in the cubase mixer to the multiple outputs in the (this case) RMX.
Is this possible in cubase? It seems not but I cant really believe this!!
Sure I can record each channel separately and then process them as audio in Cubase but that is not very efficient.
Am I missing something?


you can do it if u load RMX(or any other VSTI with multi outputs) to vsti rack.
(F11 key to bring vsti rack on screen.)
after you load it to the rack there is an option from dropdown menuon the left side of the slot where RMX inserted of how many output u want to be active from RMX.

u cant use multi outputs if u load VSTI with instruments channel though.

Ok I’ll try this tonight. Never new this one. thnx!