Multi Outs in Halion 6 ? each slot to its own track in cubase

i’m having great difficulty in finding a video on how to do multi-outs* in Halion 6.
I have done this with Halion 3, and Halion 6 interface is quite different… a lot more buttons and tabs and other things to confuse me.
Can anyone recommend a video ?
*I have an instance of Halion, 3 slots filled. I believe i first have to route each slot to a midi channel which i do in the slot window although it appears that’s;s automatic. …
but i remember i have to go click somewhere else so that the 3 instruments end up in 3 tracks in my cubase project.
google search only shows examples for halion 3.

Hello Stephen, not a video but I took a few screenshots that may help you.
Here are the steps:

  1. Open your VST Instrument panel
  2. Click on the “Outputs” icon in the upper right corner of the HALion instance (*I run HALion as a Rack Instrument but it is the same if you run it as a Track Instrument)
  3. Select the number of Outputs you require from the drop-down list (I have 4 Outputs selected in the screenshot)
  4. Then go into HALion and click on the Output section in the lower right of each slot
  5. Use the drop-list to select a different output for each slot

Also note that each Output you enable will appear in HALion’s “Mixer” Tab and the Cubase Mix Console as well.

See attached screenshots, hope this helps!


i’ll give it a try !