Multi-Processing / ASIO guard help

I’m wondering if I should just not use multi-threading and ASIO guard…

I would think my system is pretty okay for it though.

Simple example:

  1. setup a blank template with Kontakt and Maschine…no sounds loaded.
  2. Add lets say 64 midi tracks. No assignments yet.
  3. Set the buffer on the Delta 1010 to 256 to 512, anything inbetween, 44.1Khz project
  4. Watch the load meters skyrocket past 50% with Multi-Threading (processing) and ASIO guard on low.

I’m thinking of changing out the delta 1010’s but if latency isn’t any better and CPU overhead is just as bad…hmmm.

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Well, I know that Maschine uses a LOT of resources…Ugh.

Whats best, enable or disable multi-processing on the vsti itself within Cubase? I was hoping with a dual hexacore, I’d get good performance…bah! I’m over reacting I know. Gotta do it once in a while.

Best to have multi-processing off in teh VSTi so it isn’t fighting randomly with Cubase,

That also means don’t overload a multitimbral VSTi with instruments. Instead use multiple instances. Cubase will then spread the load out.

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Okay so just like the SX days.