I’m running WaveLab7 on winXP SP3 on a quadcore PC.
I can see that only one core is used. Can’t WaveLab7 use all 4 cores ?


One core is used for graphics, another one for audio processing, another one for disk reading, another one for disk writing. For batch processing, more than one core can be used for processing. For rendering, one core is used each time, but you can render several files in parallel (each using 1 core).

Ah , OK.
Now I understand it.
It’s a pity only one core can be used for audio processing , especially if using CPU intensive plugins.


Yes, I was wondering about this. I have an 8 core Mac Pro. I see the option to use all but one core in Batch Processor, but normal render doesn’t have a choice. I never really cared about this but the new Ozone 5 plugin is very CPU intense so now it takes quite some time to bounce a normal album, especially when you add a UAD-2 plugin or some bigger Waves in the mix.

It could be time to allow more processors for the render now that computers can have so many processors.