Multi quick controls and modulators

Multi quick controls - I would like to be able to controll multiple sources with one track quick control each with its own Independent value

Track Modulators - this could be incorporated in to the lower zone and in it would have tabs at the top of the lower zone window to select one or the Modulators in each tab such as a freely drawable lfo, stepsequencer, xy pads, mseg, morph pads ect. In each modulator you could have up to four assignments from the vst on the track any insert effect and anything on the channel, you’d assign them the same way you do with quick controls with the learn function also each with its own value and the option for a bipolar mode. This would make each channel an amazing tool for sound design.

yes I agree, this would be great addition to cubase.

That would be nice :wink:

Just with the multi quick controls, sound design tasks will be done 100% better and faster and more intuitively

+1 we need more powerful macro controls. The “quick controls” can’t do much. We need macros which can actually control several parameters, and for different plugins. And we need to be able to adjust the affected range of those parameters.

Guys, also be sure to let them know on the survey:

I feel like this feature was requested a lot in the forum for Cubase 8, but not so many people did the survey so it ended up not being in the top 5.

+1 for modulators in lower tab.

i would like them to be global, so i could control multiple VSTi’s modulations from one panel if i so wanted.

And also because no one’s been using their ancient Quick Controls section anyway…

Guys, quick controls are for controlling plugin variables and channel variables with a hardware controller
Please RTFM on how to use them, every midi controller uses them.

Do you have any clue what we are talking about whatsoever?

This was what I was reacting to, so yes.
For. The rest, check out Bidule you don’t want that on track level in a daw

ableton live have macro controls so yes you do want this kind of feature in a daw.

Something simple like a “tag” function could work: Use track controls to define up to 8 parameters and give knob 2-8 a tag or link button, so they move relative of knob 1 once tagged. Knob one being the “master” knob
Question then is going to be: how to set start/end and range of each knob? (you could do that with a “ring” control, like the blue and yellow rings around NI Massive knobs)

Track controls give you access to everyting automatible within that track, so the solution lies there.
For me, doing a cutoff freq increase, synth release, reverb send, pitch and HPF at the end of 16 measures goes quicker drawing, or recording 5 passes, than setting up 5 controls, link them and work out their relative values.

These kind of macros are good for live performance, the comfort of 1 knob to control it all, but it’s not a workflow time saver, it takes a lot of time to design and tweak the macro and make the interaction sound “right” for the whole knob range.
It makes sense in Live, as a performance daw, setup once, leverage many times while performing.
But Cubase is not a performance daw, unless you want to use the same dreaded macro’s exactly the same way in each new song you are making?

ableton live allows it, as does FLStudio, as does most of Native Instruments plugins, as does a lot of synths in the market such as Spire and i could go on and on.

Yes it’s very useful if you’re recording electronic stuff, it’s a very common feature, not only for live work.



I’d alo like to be able to add an LFO to any parameter (be they in an instrument, insert, send or on the mixer) for sound design purposes. The LFO and envelope controls within Kontakt are something I use all the time.

I hope they do this, it would be killer. An lfo with a random shape (sample and hold shape).

Yes. There needs to be something analogous to VCAs… ie. a SIMPLE way to link several modulators click, click, click and then control them all in one go.