Multi timbral VSTi functionality

I’m coming off Cubase 5 now using 9.5
Trying to use one instance of PLAY and have 16 tracks accessing the same instance of the plug.
Each time I copy or create a new track and think I’m assigning the same instance , it creates a new one.
What am I missing?

Just discovered racks, problem solved.
How do remove empty racks or track racks?

I’d highly encourage you to take advantage of the simplicity that Instrument Tracks offer over MIDI Tracks combined with Rack Instruments.

To get rid of the Rack Instruments in the bottom section of the rack, just set its VSTi to ‘no instrument’ (or ‘empty’ or whatever it’s called not at DAW). To get rid of racks that are created as part of a new a Instrument Track you need to delete the Track. An Instrument Track is always associated with a unique VSTi in top section of the rack.

Is there any specific reason you want to have all 16 of your Tracks playing a single instance of PLAY instead of giving each Track its own instance of PLAY? There’s no performance benefit doing that.

I’ve always been under the impression that one instance would take up less resources than multiple ones.
Is this not true?

Yeah, it sure seems like that should be the case - but it isn’t.