Multi-timbral VSTi in Bidule for Single Instance


Just read the thread
Track Instruments vs. Rack Instruments in Cubase 7.5
and learned a few things. I will have to re-read it as I still have
not decided what to do.

This is what I do on multi-timbral instruments. I open Bidule
in the Instrument Rack but should it be in the Instrument track? I put a single instance multi-timbral in Bidule. There I can wire each output separately. I use the Bidule faders.

I have not mastered this so I am starting this thread to find out whether I should avoid doing this this. Please tell me the advantages and disadvantages. What am I overlooking? How stupid is this?

Is there a certain unity, perhaps timing when all the voices are in a single instance in a multi-timbral VSTi?

Does the Track Instruments/Rack Instruments now change all this. I am not a pro by no means and looking for the easiest and quickest way to make music.

Should I forget the multi-timbral and open all new instances? I have a fast PC.