Multi Touch Screens Versus iPad based Surface controllers

Multi Touch Screens Versus iPad based Surface controllers for C 6/ C 7 ,

One is cheaper option, just a touch screen with Win 8 , many users already , n most drivers ready , the other buy an ipad , depend on S/ware , buy software ??? SW for win OS / Android yet to be developed … many apps out there !!!
i researched , n more confusing it gets …Pls some one shed some light … sm

Cubase is not a “Multi Touch” program ! so I would say that iPad is more cheaper for a multitouch control of cubase !
I use a Touch screen with Cubase but One finger only !

thanks Interesting , i see now Multi touch screens come with 10 + simultaneous touches , would that work ??? so expecting the next up date for C7 to be a Multi Touch programme … … i am looking forward for a multi touch with layered pressure sensors , to control midi CC , along with pressure touch … it will never end … sam

If you are used to hands on mixing with hands everywhere, a control surface, or an emulator like an app on an iPad, with its ability to operate several controls simultaneously, is obviously going to suit you better.

However, if you want the immediacy of just reaching out and making an adjustment without having to put your workflow on hold while you think about grabbing the mouse, dragging it to where you need the cursor to be, then clicking, then touchscreen monitors are the way to go, especially as they are trivial to setup (no setting up remote control assignments).

I have three Dell S2340T 24" touchscreens, each with a mixer on it. One is in the studio so that the foldback can be mixed by the performer. The new mixconsoles make using touchscreens much more feasible as they are more flexible than the ‘just look like a mixer’ layout previously available. Any mixconsole can have the control room stuff on it, which helps.

I would like Cubase to get to the point where it consists of any number of windows that can be configured by drag-and-dropping the various utility windows (like Video or VST Connections) and touch-friendly controls (like scrub) into whichever window one wants, and then save each window configuration under one name, rather than the current piecemeal arrangement.


I have three Dell S2340T 24" touchscreens, each with a mixer on it. One is in the studio so that the foldback can be mixed by the performer.
What exactly is foldback back ?
Ipad may suit my requirement , Novation just finally mailed me the automap 3.7 , for my crashing cubase 6.5 update , if anyone wants it , ill put up the link, the big Q now is which is the best apps for Cubase control out there …
n thanks sam

Shudder the thought of a full touchscreen only DAW! Maybe hybrid surfaces, Nuage is certainly not one huge touch screen and doubt if the R&D put into that would be ditched in the near future.

Zooming in and out in MC is annoying enough let alone have to do it every time a fine edit move is required.

Maybe Yamaha will introduce a version of Nuage that is accessible to people who can’t really afford to sell thier house to buy a full blown Nuage system!

Imagine a world without the invention of the wheel , cant stop innovation n developments , thats human nature …
still please any one which is the best apps out there to control Cubase … on I pads or ur ideas …

i will definitely buy this now , even if SB dont make an app 4 it , ill wait n use a 3rd party apps …to control C7

=cue mix for the performer.

Que? Win8 touch with mixwindows already useful without having to configure any controller assignments.

Why would that even eventuate for the likes of DAWs like Cubase? Of course, there are many lower spec ones for tablets and they do the job for which they are designed.

Touch is just ANOTHER interactive method, to be used when appropriate. It is not good for interactions that are two dense, like spreadsheets. Keyboards and mice are NOT in danger of extinction.

The trouble with a lot of the touch debate is that too many seem to think that introducing touch to the desktop will automatically lead to them being one big iPad. Even all-in-ones come with a mouse and keyboard.

I would just like to have more Cubase GUI elements that have touch-friendly options. For example, the scrub controls on the Transport bar are a pain to use with a mouse and much worse for touch. If I had the option of a having a GUI with a big jog wheel and larger buttons, it could be used just as quickly as a full hardware version.

I have three Dell S2340T 23" touch screens with a mixwindow on each, and two Dell 30"ers (which will be replaced by a 4K device when available). I would like the 30" to have touch, just for those situations where I just want to reach out and ‘press’ a button, scroll a list or zoom a page. Much faster than grabbing a mouse when it isn’t already in my hands. I don’t use the touchscreens exclusively for touch, but I have sloped them so that they are easier to use by touch.

It would be interesting to know the reasoning behind steinbergs iPad controller. After the much vaunted and hyped release of the new MC they then release an iPad controller with what is more or less the old mixer from earlier versions and pitch it as the perfect companion to C7!

At least Logics (free)iPad controller gives an accurate reflection of what’s on the main screens.

Theres one user here for sure who wouldn’t want to zoom in and out on an iPad to the extent needed to finely edit automation curves let alone note expression on C7 let alone any other DAW or on main screens the other side of a mixing desk.

Que? Win8 touch with mixwindows already useful without having to configure any controller assignments.

I take it that, u meant there are already 3rd party apps for win 8 , i ll , google that thanks sm

be aware that the Cubase iCpro ipad controller is unusable here as it has a show stopping bug which will crash Cubase everytime.

it took me a while to narrow it down, I actually built a new machine because of it!!! then Cubase crashed in the same way on the new machine and I realised the only consistent thing was the ipad and the SKI remote.

I have not installed lemur/arts unmuted on the new machine yet but if this doesn’t get worked out soon I’ll have to.


No. Native Windows functionality. Dump a mixwindow or plugin GUI on a touchscreen and away you go.

Until SB takes advantage of Win’s multiple touch streams (up to 10), it is still basically one finger on one control at a time, with touch being equivalent to using the mouse.

So no multiple hands doing a dynamic mix in real time yet!

Thanks for all the info , right now i m stuck with a useless zero SL MK II , crashed C 6.5 every time till i uninstalled it … no solution in sight . sm

thank God for these forums , @ least there will not be a sucker like me who purchased the Novation zero SL MK II sm

right now i m stuck with a useless zero SL MK II , crashed C 6.5 every time till i uninstalled it … no solution in sight . sm

Actually Zero 2 Remote SL mk 2 worked very well here as a generic controller and I know many users who swear by it. Maybe check out some of the forums/users here to resolve any conflicts your having.

To be honest it was sold purely as it was problematic when talking to different Kontakt libraries as so many software houses have bespoke UI’s that can be many pages deep so and it was frustrating trying to find “generic” default patch that would load with so many different Kontakt libraries user interface. It would be so good if the Automap could read slot positions of instruments in the VI rack which would mean you could have a load of maps assigned to slots rather than just a VST family type.

The Zero SL is good as a generic controller but, for most of the time it was laying around unused as it was quicker to get on with the mouse rather than scrolling through pages of VSTi’s on the Zero Remote interface.

Cubase IC Pro is great for macro based key commands, and transport whilst V control (free) works well well for faders and also transport. Though most mixing here is done hands on with hardware on the Roland VMC mixing system connected to Cubase via Sonic Core audio interface over ADAT giving 16 stereo channels each way via light pipe which works just so well as does the Roland’s remote transport with Jog/Shuttle with C7

Unfortunately mixing “in the box” with C7 has not reached any level that would be any where near as speedy or satisfying as a hands on hardware mixer despite the cheap and tacky “hardware look & feel” of the MC. Apart from being so cumbersome in use (though it is getting better) It still has a long long way to go.

A combination of hardware mixer, iPad control for macros and transport via other apps seems to work perfect at the moment.

If only SB could get the MC right there would be many happy bunnies around the Globe, though more and more people are coming along here with Reaper and Studio One vers. 2.5 files on laptops (Studio one which is absolutely great and on sale this month at 50% discount. Every one in local circles here is now using it after trying out the (limited feature set) free version. 49 dollars gets you the Artist version and is a steal!

Facilities have to cater to clients needs and at the moment that seems to be tilting towards Studio One v2.5, reaper, and Ableton which one has to say, are very easy to use and so intuitive.

SB needs to get on the game before they loose it, despite it’s brilliant innovation, other DAW’s are stealing the user base and going for more user friendly cheaper options which is a shame.

After starting with Steinberg on the Atari and Pro 24 it’s been a long marriage with lots of ups and downs, but a divorce is certainly being considered here that’s for sure. In the meantime it’s C6.5 and Presonus Studio One that are stealing the show.

The crashing is only with Cubase 6.5 Upgrade , there is a tedious work around , but not guaranteed , i wish someone could tell me it works fine with Cubase 7 , Novation support driving me in circles , i am hoping it would atleast serve me as a basic control surface , there is an auto map ver 3.7 that some have reverted back to , and may be , dont have a copy of it , even Novation dont have that version so …money 4 nothing , but thanks for your insights … sam