Multi-Touch Support - When?

Can we at least hear from a Steinberg employee as to whether this is even on the roadmap or not?

There aren’t many things that make me peak over the fence at the neighbors lawn, but I recently got a 15in touch screen, and MAN is it nice and smooth with the Studio One 6 demo. The problem is, I don’t want to use Studio One.

Make it happen, Steinberg!

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Been waiting years for this feature…

Me too…but in the end my touch monitor died and I’m trying to cope with it. I asked about multi-touch support in Cubase 11, and they weren’t planning to implement it… so I wouldn’t be looking forward to it

Id like to think theres hope since Cubase 13 made a big step toward Windows compliant window and menu handling. With Windows being the leader in having native touch support, it’d be nice if that eventually trickled in to Cubase.

I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do, but working with the touchscreen in Studio One has been a dream. Feel like I’m composing in the year 3,000.

@Armand any insight by any chance?

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Hi everybody,

For now supporting multi-touch support in Cubase is not on top of our backlog.


Armand, thank you for responding. That is disappointing. Could you at least pass on to the team that you should get in touch with the folks over at dTouch then? They were offering the only solutions for touch screens and Cubase, but something with Cubase 12 broke it and it has been dead ever since. They say they are waiting on Steinberg to be collaborative to get it back up and running again.

If you guys don’t plan to natively support touch screens anytime in the near future, this would be the right thing to do imo.

Hi Dylan,

Until end of March I am this team so let’s take a chance to clarify this point together. :wink: Nonetheless I couldn’t really trace back in this thread which problem you are referring to exactly. Could you describe the issue you’re having with Cubase 13 that you didn’t have with Cubase 11? Thank you very much!



I was totally in agreement with this. I tried several alternatives with Live
In the end, once I discovered some other ways to do stuff, the touchscreen was just a fad. There are so many apparent pros but at the end of the day I down vote this as its just not feasible for long term use.
Its just plain fatiguing in a larger setup. I use a gaming keypad and mouse (with a lot of remote and control surface work) and it teaches to you mix without looking…and what a diff
My mixes are years ahead ie 10 years ago, and its all down to that change (and a great set of ‘auratones’ (well like them but better)

Just my 2c

Steinberg…please read my post on remote scripts and manger and missing stuff…please fix and finish that before touching a single thing :wink:

So dTouch abandoned support for Cubase after Cubase 12 broke something it needed to function. They (the developers) have been waiting for a response from Steinberg to be able to continue supporting it. If you don’t know it, dTouch is a 3rd party multi touch tool that introduced touch implementation to Cubase. It was the only of its kind so now there are no touch solutions for Cubase.

It would be wonderful if you could reach out to them and see if you can at least offer support :grin:

To each their own! Workflows aren’t a one size fits all thing. My 2c is, if you think touch screens are just a fad, you’re not using your imagination :wink:

I have been asking for this feature for years, so I’ll just add my obligatory +1 to this thread. I tried dTouch before and it is just not going to cut it, neither is Slate’s Raven solution. It needs to be built directly into the application or it will keep breaking as underlying software changes occur.


Yeah that why i bothered replying re slate.
@dylanmixer im referring to the context of mixing which most seems to aim at

In what context are you using it when you say ‘compose’?

I realise everyone is diff and i don’t mean a general fad…i mean i jumped on board with the latest last gear and after a couple of weeks, it was antithetical to tactility and feel…looks like a great idea, but even for foh, which i do alot, its an ok idea…just waiting for someone to smash top, cant use in strong light and moisture etc but thats diff use case…waves evo
In fact all of those peeps who were with me, at the time, stopped using it within a couple of months and they either sold, losing decent money or still sitting there
To make it useable, needs a min 32" and to be ‘tactile’, its just too big to make use of. And stretch over, for serious mixing…please lets hear from someone still using this 2 years later as part of their workflow in full time qt least semi pro studio?
But as i said, im against more so because it supports the destructive idea of mixing with your eyes…creative mix is by feel…not looking at 0.1 increments. Seriously.
Show some vids of this in action and watch how much body energy is spent using it

My touch screen is sitting in a corner.
Knobs buttons and long throw faders…all about response and feel…but each to their own

My personal experience
Was attractive at first,

The large boundary surface is noticeable to my ears vs none
You still need extra screens
Not ergonomically load balancing

If steiny had endless budget, sure but the core remote surface editor has a looong way to go and is critical for everyone using any daw…lets get the basics sorted first.
Ableton forum has the same questions…they had someone do a decent dedicated app and spent a long time on it…to my knowledge its also gone by the wayside

Each to their own…but anyone looking…don’t waste a lot of money and time…there is likely some good youtubes by now saying the same

Are you sure this company is still operating actually?

Thanks for following up, Armand. I appreciate you.

I don’t know for sure. The last update from them concerning the Cubase thing was 2022, and their last product launch was 2021. I believe they are at least still offering support. Perhaps the breaking of dTouch crippled their business? I think it was their highest seller. Maybe Steinberg should consider making a purchase here.

Not your fault or problem of course, I just want multi-touch, I don’t care who gives it to me :joy:

I have cubase in my pc and cubasis in my iPad Pro. I prefer use cubasis because of the touchscreen . For editing midi event as exemple, or automation curves with the pencil, it is what it should be for me, and very important, it avoid me shoulder pain provided by extensive use of mouse! So until they don’t implement multi touch screen, I will not upgrade my cubase ai, that is regretful but looks like they are not many people needing that future too. For my use, mouse is just a prehistoric tools!