Multi-Touch Support

I hope we’ll be getting touch support soon.
Touch screens are now and the future. I use two already and they work well with Studio one and Sonar, but I like and know Cubase.

I just wanted to bump this request. We’ve been asking for a while. Sonar is gone so now we just have Studio One and FL Studio (and I am seriously considering making the jump to Studio One for this feature). Slate Digital’s Raven is a costly and messy overlay solution to a problem we shouldn’t have in the first place. Get me some built-in multi-touch (even if just on the mixer faders) so I can get rid of my flaky MCU Pro.

You can try DTouch the new one (for Cubase 9.5) have no overlay… just multi touch mix console (10 if you want) and shortcuts/macros button…
it’s very good multi touch controller for Cubase 9.5

Used DTouch for Cubase 9 and loved it, then after making the switch to 9.5 the new standard mode was less than half the feature set of the original! Avoid DTouch if you’re using 9.5!

Steinberg, I know you’re focusing on VR Tech right now but please give us multi-touch support in 2018!

using DTouch in standard mode ib cubase 9.5 and more powerfull that the “old legacy” version… no overlay no sync problem etc… using cubase workspace sync with DTtouch workspace… And so much more…

+1 Multitouch very much please. Been googling for this possibility lately and was quite disappointed.

I had an idea about this that I posted here…

+1 for dtouch, the standard mode is way more powerful with lock windows and workspaces, not to mention the most accomodating developer team I know…the things I asked got added in no time!

To the DTouch guys in this thread, maybe you can help me figure this thing out? I got really excited when I saw the video Michael Naz posted on YouTube. I grabbed a demo license to try on my new touch screen and it seems the standard mode is very different than the legacy mode he was showing. Am I missing something or is standard mode really just a multitouch mixer controller? There doesn’t seem to be a way to control the channel strip, no plugin or quick control, no sequencer control, it seems like it’s just faders, pans, toggles, and transport.

I have 4 touch screens hooked up to Cubase. Kinda annoying only being able to touch one thing at a time. Last time I spoke to the guys that make D-Touch which was maybe even a couple of years ago they said that the vu meters disappear when running Eucon control surfaces as it works over Mackie Control and Eucon steals the VU meter information from Mackie Control in Cubase or something like that. So since I also have Eucon controllers connected I have to touch one thing at a time on the touch screens unless something has changed with D-Touch. Having native multi-touch in Cubase would be awesome.

+1 I agree - Cubase should be support multi touch. it should also have a touch mode with bigger controls etc to facilitate touch use