Multi-track drum recording old way vs new in Cubase 13


This video from Steinberg shows how to sync multi-track drum recordings in a project. I was wondering if this is still relevent in Cubase 13 or we can do it much easier?

I don’t want to sit and watch the video. What version was used in the video as it is easier to sync multitracked drums now as you can use warp markers across all the drum tracks.

I feel like the “syncing” part in the video was basically to activate Group Editing on the Folder track.
As far as I can see instead of slicing we could use audio quantize nowadays. That would put warp markers on the individual events and get them aligned.


Cubase 8.
We can still use it, but I guess if even there’s a new or easier way to do it, we might gain better control over the alignment part than the new method!

Definitely better now than in 8. You can group all the multitracks together and use audio warp to move them all at the same time. Quantise works quite well but I prefer to just tidy up a bit rather than quantise.