multi-track editing

Hi All,

After forum, google, youtube searches and consulting the operation manual i still can’t seem to find the answer to the following:

I record e.g. acoustic guitar with 4 microphones on 4 different audio tracks in Cubase 8 artist at the same time. Not being the master of one-takers I’d hope I’ll be one day, I tend to record several takes stacked on the previous takes.
When sorting out the best parts I want to use for my project I can’t seem to manage to group these 4 tracks in a way so that when select a different take on one track, it automatically does so on the 3 other tracks as well. Changing those takes track by track is pretty time consuming.
I tried dragging these 4 tracks to a folder track, but form here I only seem to be able to adjust length/fades etc but not cycle trough previous takes.
Anyone can tell me how to proper group those tracks so their takes can be edited as one?


It works with ‘group editing’, a “=” symbol on folder tracks. Not sure if that’s in Artist…

Thanks for your reply.
Seems this function is only available in the pro version, pitty…

You have a chance though using the old method we had before group editing was introduced.

Just press Ctrl + G as the first thing you do after you stop a recording. The new events are automatically selected, Ctrl + G groups them. Works with lanes. Doesn’t work when you’re recording in cycle mode.