Multi track export feature removed in Cubase 11

From Cubase 10.5 and earlier, there was a very useful feature in the multi track export window where in the tick box next to header text (Output Channels, Group Channels, Audio Channels) there would either be a check mark if all track under that header were selected, a smaller box within the tick box if some of the tracks were selected or nothing. This feature was very helpful for getting a quick look at if any tracks were currently selected for export and where. This was especially helpful because Cubase (annoyingly) has always saved multi track export selections from previous exports and sometimes unwanted tracks would already be preselected in a separate session when exporting.

After upgrading to Cubase 11, I was happy to see a revamp of the export window. There were many new and very useful features added. However, the earlier mentioned feature from previous versions of cubase was removed! Now, even if a track is selected under a specific header there is no indication of it aside from a check mark when all track under a header are selected. When exporting stems for a larger session you must now expand all headers and scroll through all of the listed tracks to look for any unwanted tracks that might be selected. Couple this with the fact that Cubase still saves selections made from previous exports and you can see how easy it would be to unknowingly export an unwanted track.

I’m not sure why this feature was removed but I hope that I can get the attention of any devs and request that you please add this simple feature back to the export window. I have attached a couple pics so you can see what I’m talking about, Cubase 11 on the left, 10.5 on the right.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.