Multi Track Export Options like Audio for MIDI

Please Steinberg, Give us multi-select tracks/events then MIDI Export them as individual MIDI files. It always defaults to a whole event while exporting MIDI and we can’t export multiple MIDI files in one go. It is always a Hassel to Export multiple MIDI files. Sometimes we save MIDI tracks as Backups and store them locally instead of the Media bay. It would be great to have this feature and have options like you have for audio export but for MIDI.

Are you aware that MIDI Parts can be dragged from the Project Window onto your desktop or into a file folder & visa-versa

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I have, and that is what I am currently doing as it is a workaround for MIDI export options, but you have to keep on repeating the process over and over again and if you have over 1000 tracks that require backing up immediately, it is always exhausting. It is time consuming to drag a MIDI File and drop it, then you find out it is not the correct one cause it has repeated names. Then you have to rename them. Then alternative MIDI takes are not renamed automatically. These problems are not there with the Export selected events option which is available for audio. If we can have a export option called Selected MIDI Events. That is something that can really simplify the process and save a lot of time.