multi track midi in to Cubase


I have a Yamaha QY300 sequencer and want to transfer my midi files into cubase. The QY has a 3.5" floppy drive and I no longer have a floppy drive on my PC, so the simple way of just saving then importing is not an option.

I did try (unsuccessfully) to set up 16 midi tracks in Cubase, with a midi in from the QY and then just playing /recording. It just dumped all 16 tracks into the first Cubase track.

Does any one know of a way to achieve this via midi? Or will I either have to play /record 16 individual tacks or find an external USB floppy drive?


“Dissolve Tracks”

Dissolve tracks - haven’t heard of that!

I’ll look it up in the manual and give it a go!


Might also be “dissolve part”, you´ll probably find it…