Multi Track Presets with Group not Loaded With Group

Hi there,

When Creating Multi Track Preset with Group Channel the Group Channel is not loaded with preset

1.Create Layered instrument with a Grouped Output
2.Select All Tracks and Save Track Preset
3.Load the ( user ) Multi Track Preset
4.Recognize that the Group Track is missing

Happens on Win 8.1Pro, Cubase 9.0.10

Groups can generally not be saved and recalled as multitrack presets - is this a bug ?

The best approach for this would be to save a Template, that will include the groups and routing. In HSSE you can save a preset that includes voices on up to 16 channels with assignments to instrument outputs (but not other group channels). When you recall that preset the voices and outputs are assigned, but you still have to switch on the outputs and create midi tracks and group channel tracks as needed.

How wold Cubase know what kind of groups a project needed? IMHO, this what templates are for.

Not really wise to fill up empty template projects with thousands of fx. Imagine you have 10 different favourite vocal “Chains”, consisting of Effect Tracks, Groups, and Sends between those Effect Tracks. It would be cool to save all the selected Tracks into one Multi Track Presets so you can recall you favourite vocal “Chain” for example from the media bay.
Creating a template would mean that you have to have all different vocal “Chains” loaded. And you have to deactivate/bypass each insert FX manually, because you can’t deactivate groups or effect tracks like virtual instruments…

I never fill a template with too many FX plug-ins. A current favorite template has some group tracks, one FX track, a Mix Bus and a Master Output. No plug-ins are assigned to any tracks. I use Track Presets or individual plug-ins on tracks or sets of Q-Linked tracks as I build the project. (Screen shot below)

You can bypass FX tracks with one click/button push, or mute, solo, listen (if using Control Room) them. You can bypass individual plug-ins on an FX track.

If you want Vocal Chains, then create one, save it as a Track Preset. Then, when you can create five audio tracks and apply that preset to them in one shot. You can also select a number of tracks, Quick Link them and then apply a track Preset to the selected tracks.

For HSSE, and I assume similar Halion family instruments, (advanced versions may have changed this), but, for HSSE 3, you can create a Preset with multiple instruments assigned to individual outputs. However, when that preset is loaded, Cubase does not switch on the ouputs, that has to be done on the track or rack instance of the instrument. Also, confusing, is that (on my version Pro 9.0.40) those outputs do not appear in the Project window and they can not be moved around on the Mixing Console. I think the latest version has improved on this?

Anyway, here’s an example of the template I mentioned, “basic band.”
Basic Band Template.png