Multi-track recording issue, please helP!

Hello, I’m having trouble with multi-track recording, specifically being able to record two separate mics on two separate tracks at the same time. i.e one mic for guitar the other for vocals. I’ve looked into this issue on forums and faqs but haven’t been able to figure it out. There was one post relating to this issue however. I did what it said but ran into a problem along the way. I set up two separate mono audio tracks. Then I was was supposed to go into device>device setup>multi-track. The problem is I go into device setup but I see nothing that says multitack. The only thing that even resembles that is a check box under advanced options for VST audio systems that says “Multi-processing”. The box is checked and above it the audio priority is set at normal. So is there something I’m missing here? I’ve looked all around the software, as well as search through the PDF manual for ‘multi-track’ but have been unable to get any real leads on what I’m doing wrong. I’m sure it’s something small that I’m overlooking but I really can’t figure this out! Please HELP! thank you!


So, that’s where the two input signals are supposed to go. But have you also set up two separate inputs (corresponding to the two microphone inputs of your audio interface) within “VST connections”?

Cubase version? System specs?

The general advice would be to set up your two mono inputs in VST Connections. Assign each to the correct inputs for your soundcard/interface (whatever that might be). In the track inspector make sure the input is also set to match what you have in VST Connections. I’m lost as far as the “multi-track” goes :confused: .

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Hey guys thanks for the help! I’m looking under VST connections now and I’m seeing one stereo In input. So do I just add two new mono inputs? Once I do that will I be able to see the multi-track display in the device setup? thanks again I really am dieing to get this working. BTW I’m using Cubase 5 Pro on PC.


Update: I added 2 mono buses under VST connections called Mono In and Mono In 2. I then added two separate mono audio tracks to my project and set one with Mono In and the other with Mono In 2. Now what? It doesn’t seem to be recording either mic on the tracks. How to I connect the two inputs with the mic inputs on my M-audio profire interface?

You have to be close. In VST Connections have you assigned your inputs to a specific soundcard/interface input (L/R,1,2,3,4,etc.)?

Monitor and record enabled on your tracks?

Correct inputs assigned in the track inspectors?

GOT IT! I needed to set the two mono input buses to Profire Analog In 1 and Analog In 2 which I’m pretty sure are the two mic ports on my interface. Would never of figured that out. thanks again oldtimer and scab


In VST connections, one mono input has to be set to correspond to your first mic input, the other one will come from the second mic input.
Maybe the microphones need phantom power, too. Depends on the type of microphone.
If it’s set up right, you should see some lights going on in the meter bars of the input channels within Cubase if you sing or play into the microphone.
Cubase will (depending on its settings) only pass the input signal to the outputs if the channel’s record button (or the cue button) is engaged.

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