Multi-track recording Yamaha PSR3000 real time arranger

How do i setup Cubase Elements 7 to multitrack record the midi data from my Yamaha PSR3000 ( realtime arranger ) keyboard so that the midi data transmitted is recorded to individual tracks ?

Record it to one midi track. Then use “dissolve part” from the midi menu.


Thanks. Initially had some problems because the preferences files midi, midi-midi and midi-midi filter had to be set up and then corrected because i misunderstood some of the settings.

Now i am trying to figure out how to be able to start playing the keyboard to trigger the recording process and so plowing thru the manual. For the time being just hitting record at the computer and then sliding over to the keyboard which means i have to delete some blank measures.

Also, some of the midi tracks in playback don’t sound like the voices played during the recording process. I have used the Midi Device Manager to install the profile for the Yamaha PSR3000 keyboard.

Please can you help with advice?
I have tried to record MIDI files from Yamaha PSR 3000 in Cubase 5, connected via “USB to host”, but I haven’t able to done that.
I have installed on notebook actual Yamaha driver, Win7/ 64 and Cubase 5.
When I play on Yamaha, signal is visible in Cubase, but when i turn on MIDI files from Yamaha, signal of MIDI not visible in Cubase.
I assumed that I have wrong settings in Yamaha or Cubase, or connected via USB to host not allowed me to transfer MIDI to CUBASE. Maybe another cable can help - Midi IN/OUT-USB, or just Line OUT (phones or AUX or OUT) -> line IN in PC?
So, I would like to find out if should be possible with some special settings in Yamaha PSR3000 and Cubase, or another way of cable connecting:

  1. Transfer/record MIDI files from Yamaha PSR 3000 to Cubase (Not playing keyboard, just record completed simply MIDI files);
  2. If possible to using MIC/Line exit for record audio track in Cubase? I assumed and hope that once MIDI will visible in Cubase that also Microphone (which is connected via Yamaha PSR 3000) will be available for using and recording in Cubase?
    Thank you for any advice/Print screen for correct settings, cable for this issue…