Multi tracks


I wanted to ask you, may someone confronted with the prob: Why Cubase does not run properly many tracks, in my example it does not run 40 wav tracks.The sound is breaking. I use Apple i 7 computer with 16 gb Ram, windows 64 bit, RME 400 audio interface and Cubase 5 32 bit. I set up buffer size 1024 samples on my audio interface.

May someone help?

Not familiar with the Mac platform but 40 tracks on PC with the same processor and ram wouldn’t even phaze it. That would be with Cubase 32 bit in a 64 bit environment. There’s no secret there, Cubase runs fine in a 64 bit environment.
I have a smaller processor and half that ram and my 'puter wouldn’t even breathe hard with 40 audio tracks. My buffer size is set at 512. The earlier Mac OS may not be compatible with the different bit rates. Don’t know which version you have.