Multi-User Projects - Real-Time Project Sharing. Individual user edit windows separated like the track separator

It would be great to see some network and media/project sharing protocols come to play. Business can be built off these sorts of features.

You have people all working on one project each doing a job to a locked picture

-Recording/Editing ADR
-Location mic noise reduction/pre-mixing
-Music composition
-Gun shots and action SFX
-Mix engineers

Why can’t all of these people be working on the same project file, in the same studio (or from somewhere else) on a network, and all be able to see in real-time, and listen to (if unmuted) each others work progress.

Each individual person would appear in eachothers projects as a project edit window with a separator like the track separator.

The users could mute/solo each others work.

There could be group visible shared marker tracks

The project leader, could have additional admin capabilities, like to initiate a project wide revision backup (which hopefully they notified everyone)

Talk about post-pro efficiency.

Maybe this could be a type of track, a Network Track, which lets users bounce/render their work to and it’s shared across a network.