MultiBand Compressor Bypass Buttons

Here is an odd issue that I just noticed tonight - my Bypass buttons on the individual channels are not working on my steinberg multi band compressor. the solo buttons work fine, but not the bypass

anyone else having this issue?

this plugin has been around for years and i have never had an issue with it

i just pop it on a mono vocal track and that’s it.


Here (PC, CB7.5.10) the MB’s band bypass buttons work as expected. The processing is bypassed when the bypass button is enabled.
Maybe it’s only happening on a Mac, but are you sure you don’t confuse bypass with mute state?

If you’re confusing the bypass state based on continued latency, use the Live button on the MBC and the latency goes bye bye. I made this incorrect assumption. Another user cleared it up for me.

hey guys - thank you so much - this is a complete face palm on my part so feel free to roll your eyes at me

for some reason in my mind i was thinking the “bypass” was a “mute” for a channel.

In other words i thought (incorrectly) when I would hit the “bypass” on say channels 2 and 3 (middle ones) I would be left with only channels 1 and 4 in my monitors. For some reason hit me this morning that the “bypass” simply means it is “bypassing” the compression processing for that channel but is NOT muting the channel - the signal goes thorough uncompressed but it still goes through

so thank you for your indulgence of my momentary lapse of reason…

hey!! that would make a great album title!!


A New Machine then I suppose…

Or just One Slip :slight_smile: