Multiband Envelope Shaper goodness

I’ve always liked the envelope and multiband envelope shaper in Cubase, but I found an interesting unconventional use for it when mastering a track today.

I added it to my project but didn’t adjust any settings, but somehow it just tightened things up.

Thought i’d share this to see if anyone else is finding this. I have a few plugins that just have to have a signal passed though them with all parameters at 0 and they make things sound better. Kush Clariphonic MkII for example adds a lovely top end sheen and separation before you increase the parameters from zero.

I think the reason Multiband Envelope Shaper changes the sound without any adjustments is because the bands have crossover filters, which introduce phasing. In some cases, on certain instruments that’ll sound lovely, other times it’ll ruin the timbre, so don’t expect it to work every time!

It’s one of the best plugins I’ve ever used, but yes it can compromise some sounds a bit.

It’s kinda scary when you think about what it’s actually doing to the signal LOL

agreed - multiband envelope shaper is brilliant.

So is the multiband compressor.

…anyone using the multiband expander for anything?

What is the purpose of the multiband envelope shaper?
i’m yet to use it in any of my compos.

It’s good on drums, bass, guitar… Anything with transients.

Use it like a combination of a transient shaper and a multiband compressor.

this and quadra 2 are extremely impressive.

this and quadra 2 are extremely impressive.

ok :slight_smile:

i still havent worked out how to use the compressor either. all my recordings are raw at the moment. whats the best way to tighten everything up??

Probably stay away from the multiband compressor then for now. Tighten it up with EQ and compression. The built in effects are really nice these days.