Multibar rest breaks apart with text

In my cello part, I have multibar rests enabled, but I need to put some text (“guitar”, “vocal” etc.) above them for their reference. When I do this, the multibar rest breaks apart with a single measure appearing where the text appears. Is there a way for it to remain as it is?

No, I think text objects will always break multibar rests. As a workaround you can input the text in the previous bar and reposition it manually in Engrave Mode.

Or use a text box during final formatting.
Just FYI, system text and tempo text don’t break multirests. Also, the next update will include prefixes and suffixes to rehearsal marks. All of these are for global use, not local use, but I thought I’d chime in anyway!

Dear Claude - they do for me, every time. In fact, if you need to break a multi-rest at some point, you can enter system text at any position and simply type a space (if you don’t actually need text), and the multi-rest will break there. “Break” meaning splitting the multi-rest into 2 chunks. Of course this is something the OP does not want, but this capability exists.

Florian - great work-around idea!!!

Just to make sure you’re on the same page, musicmaven and Claude, the latter wrote about system text (alt+shift+X) and not just text object (shift+X). Since he’s been working so much with Dorico this year, I’m inclined to believe what he’s written !
[Edit] Well, I tried, and you’re right, musicmaven ! I apologize, system text DOES break multibar rests. But not exactly the same way than just a text object (when I tried, the first split a 9 bars rest in two, one multibar rest with 3 and one with 6. The second split the same place in three, one multibar rest of 3 bars, one bar with a bar rest and the text object and one multibar rest of 5 bars. Interesting difference.)

I apologize. What I meant, and poorly expressed, is that system text and tempo text do not break the FIRST bar of a rehearsal mark when input at that very spot, while staff text will. Any such system text that is engraved later on will of course split the multirest. I am very sorry to have created this confusion.

Thanks to all of you! This is great information to have. Claude - no apologies necessary. I hope to get closer to mastering Dorico as much as you and Marc have. I am equally impressed with Dorico’s functionality as well as forum members who help one another out, through discovery, knowledge, sharing of techniques, and experiences.

Dorico’s sophistication can sometimes be puzzling to figure out, and until the documentation gets done, all of these nuances get documented through user’s discovery and sharing of those experiences.

This evening I found another interesting aspect of tempo text and multirests (I haven’t seen this in the forum but maybe I missed it). Tempo text can cause rehearsal marks to jump upward in part layouts to avoid collisions. One way I’ve tried to keep this from happening (because it can mess up staff spacing) is to nudge the tempo mark forward by an 8th or 16th.

But, if you do nudge the tempo mark by a 16th, that causes the multirest to break in the parts. In fact, if you don’t enter the tempo mark right at the first beat of the bar, it will break the multirest.

So at least for now, it seems the best solution is to put tempo marks right at the downbeat, then adjust rehearsal marks as necessary. Here are a couple of pictures to explain what I mean; maybe there is a way to adjust these things without disturbing the staff spacing, and without having to disable collision avoidance?

Edit: actually, it seems like staff spacing is pretty much undisturbed, even if the rehearsal marks get moved up for collision avoidance.

Do you have the options on the Tempo page of Engraving Options set to move tempo to the right of rehearsal marks, or to move the rehearsal marks upwards?

Oh thank you! I thought I had set it to move tempo to the right, but it was set to move the rehearsal mark upward!

Text cues are in fact just as common as cue NOTES in orchestral parts, and D. should definitely have an option for it…

Seconding that text cues are incredibly useful, especially with a part with tons of multimeasure rests.

Yes. I have used these in Sibelius for years without actually thinking of them as “cues” - instead I have created text as “show in parts, hide in score.”