Multibar rests incorrectly show over one bar

Multibar rests incorrectly show over one bar.
How do I hide/delete the big "1"s on bar 36 and 37 in the screenshot?
Multibar rest on bar 31-33 are to be left as is.

Go to Engraving Options / Rests and select the options you want.

Thank you! I couldn’t find in the help/manual.

Showing the 1 over a single bar rest is not incorrect. It is recommend by Elaine Gould on pg. 565 of Behind Bars. It is not a mistake, and Gould’s recommendation explains why they appear by default.

That said, it is still easily configurable via Engraving Options as Rob Tuley said.

Hi. Is there a way to change this in Dorico Elements? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, Tom. I’m sorry, there isn’t: Engraving Options are included only in Dorico Pro. However, if you’d like to attach your project here or send it to me via a private message, I’d be happy to make the change to the option for you and send the updated project back to you.