multibar rests or chord symbols

I many situations a rhythm instrument that shows usually chord symbols doesn’t play all the time.
For these cases it would be nice to have a multibar rest shown, but as far as I can see I can only choose between two options:

  1. to have chord symbols shown throughout the whole flow (i know I can hide them, but that doesn’t affect the multibar rests)
  2. or not, then I can see multibar rests

Or is there another way I don’t see? Hope so!

You can hide individual chord symbols by selecting them (e.g. via a marquee selection, clicking and dragging around them) and then setting the ‘Hide’ property. Hidden chord symbols won’t break multi-bar rests.

Hidden chord symbols won’t break multi-bar rests.

…except in condensed scores. Is there a workaround?

I’m not aware of any specific limitations in this regard, pianojoe. Could you please attach a minimal example that reproduces the problem so we can take a look?