Multichannel Files / Metadata / AAF


I was just wondering, using Nuendo since a few month, if there is or will be in the near future an easy way to get multichannel files into single files. The only way i know for the moment is to convert a whole track and not single events.

It would be very helpful i.e. when you get an AAF where multichannel files i.e from a sound device come in to easily separate them by draging the multichannel file in a few mono track. to convert the whole track ends up in mess that is not always easy to sort out.
would be good also if mediabay get the feature to only take one channel of a mutlichannel file, like i need the boom track only don’t need to import the whole channels, then create a track that i convert into mono tracks…
thats ok for the shorter movies i’m working with, but can’t imagine to do a feature film this way.

and i get issues with the metadata from sound devices. the name of the single tracks that the location sound recordist gives to the channels aren’t shown. Like in Pro Tools i can see even in the event if its the boom, or the name of perfomer wearing the radio mic… does anyone have the same issue? Take and file numbers are shown, but not the name, not in the sequencer and not in the media bay…

thanks for your answers,


Take a look in general section, there is a thread about this ongoing problem.
Nuendo supports zillion types of metadata, that most of us never use, but not channel names.

Fredo suggested splitting poly files in Wave Agent, but AFAIK this will not work. Nuendo can’t read channel names, whether from poly or split mono files. It is still the same metadata. Maybe there is an app that will copy channel name into another metadata column that Nuendo can read, but I don’t know any.

Thanks! Hope it will be fixed soon…