Multichannel recording and IAC Ports

Doesn’t multichannel MIDI recording (channel on ANY) not work over an IAC port (in a Mac) or is there some setting for this? I have a special keyboard that sends notes and pitchbends on multiple MIDI channels for MPE microtuning, and Cubase correctly records the output from that on a single ‘ANY track’, via a MIDI interface. I also have software that similarly sends notes and pitchbends on multiple channels, and it’s routed to Cubase with an IAC port. A MPE-equipped synth plays back correctly in MIDI thru (channel on ANY) but when I record the same, in the resulting MIDI track all the notes start at the same time and they’re sent to a single channel. Why?


This happens, if there are not correct Timing data.

Thanks. But if i monitor the MIDI stream in the IAC port, it shows timings of the notes (if that’s what you mean) and the multiple MIDI channels. So I’m at loss, I don’t know where the MIDI data turns incorrect.


How do you monitor the MIDI data, please?

I have seen this already. On the 3rd party monitor, it looks OK, but then in Cubase, there were timing issue.

Right, 3rd party monitor. Is there a cure, then? I’m wondering about the midi channels, too - Cubase puts every note on channel 1 even when they’re not in the source. I haven’t yet tried if I get this same result when recording multiple MIDI tracks at once - i was using one tract set to ANY.


This settings is on the output side only. The Input alway captures on all MIDI Channels. Make sure, there is no filter set on the MIDI Channels in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please.

Ah, right, of course.
No channels are filtered out in the MIDI preferences.

This is a problem in Cubase. I have now tested the same external software with IAC input in Logic as well as the simple in-built MIDI recorder in the standalone version of Pianoteq. Both make correct MIDI files with the right notes, pitchbends, channels and timing. Only Cubase fails to do this. Does anyone know if there’s a cure?