Multichannel recording phase coherence

I’ve noticed that when not using direct monitoring and using a short buffer of say 128, when recording multichannel audio like a drumkit audio that while we are recording it sounds one way and on playback it sounds totally different in terms of phase relationships. There are no plugins in use.
Is there something strange about how Cubase deals with multichannel audio without Direct Monitoring in terms of preserving split second timing and therefore phase coherence between channels ?

No there isn’ t.

Ha short and sweet. Seriously though - I"m not a newbie I use Cubase daily in a recording studio environment where I track live instruments usually using Direct Monitoring. Currently though I’m having issues with DM on my system so I’ve been tracking without it at low buffers and noticing a smearing as I monitor on record. On playback I notice I often have to flip phase on certain drum channels to play back what it sounded like on record. I’m on an RME HDSPe being fed by very high end AD converter and before that high end Mic Pres. I"ll be tracking a band (probably without direct monitoring unless I get it fixed) on friday so will listen more

No, it does not make a difference, the recording would be the same.
The monitoring is obviously different, with an additional delay (latency) added. And would sound different to what actually is recorded.

Yes, seriously - there is no problem with phase coherence between different channels, (solely from recording) unless you have set up your gear incorrectly.