Multichannel to mono: Panners missing

I split a stereo file to 2 mono tracks using the Project - Convert Tracks - Multi-Channel to Mono function.

The resulting mono tracks are now sounding from hard left and hard right and there is no way to pan them as there is no panner showing in the inspector or on channel settings window.

Am I missing something here?
No Panner Cubase 10.jpg


The bug is still there in 10.5.10. it’s been a year already. Should I create a new ticket ?

Considering this, and the HUGE issue of imported audio files not converting I’m starting to think no one cares at Steinberg end :frowning:


See my post from 2018 regarding this:

You manually have to re-route these channels to your main stereo output in order to get the panners back.

Please summit a ticket to make them more aware of this bug. I did in 2018 and it still hasn’t been fixed or acknowledged.

Thank you for this solution, Evertone. I ultimately had to make a new bus to get my pans back, but I’m glad to know it’s an easy solution.

You’re welcome! Enjoy the workaround :smiley: