Multichannel USB Mixer with Cubase?

Hi all

I’ve recently acquired a Behringer Xenyx 302USB Analog Mixer. This works well with Cubase in that there is no latency and it replaces the windows onboard sound, but I’d like to use it to be able to plug in and record other audio inputs (e.g. the output of my iPad) onto separate Cubase audio tracks. This only seems to give one “main mix” output. There doesn’t seem to be any way to configure it to handle separate channels.

Does anyone know of a USB mixer that allows this? Or does anyone have any experience of the Behringer range and whether this or anything else they do allows for multichannel recording into Cubase?

Many thanks !


Behringer x-series
Soundcraft SI series with expansion card
Allen & GHeath Qu- and SQ-Series
And certainly many others.

Many thanks for getting back.

How do these appear in Windows and Cubase itself ? Does every channel appear individually in Windows Sound control panel? Presumably the channels would also appear individually under Studio Setup > VST Audio System?

Thanks again

I donˋt know how they appear in windows. Probably only as single USB device. In Cubase they appear as single input and output channels. The amount will probably depend on the mixer / expansion cards.