Multicore performance in WL11

I was hoping that WL11 will be able to use more than one processor unit at once when rendering audio from a montage. As many of us I have an 18Core processor and don’t like the idea that Wavelab is using only one of the cores. I there any setup or switch where I can make the rendering process a little bit quicker?
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Gregor Hennig
Studio Nord Bremen

WaveLab 11 uses multiples cores to render montage. But if your plugins are slow or are put one after the other in the audio chain, the multiple cores can’t be an advantage (like in any other DAW).

thanks for your reply. It seems that, on my system, Wavelab in fact doesn’t use only one core while rendering, but only one at once. After a few seconds it switches to a different core and uses only that one.
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WL11 render|690x321

Again, it all depends only on what can be processed in parallel.
If “C” needs to be processed before “B” that itself needs to be processed before “A”, then this can’t happen in parallel.
Hence this depends on clip and track layouts.
eg. two clips playing at the same time, can be processed in parallel.


thanks for the reply, I understand.
Still I would find it useful if Wavelab would render an ausio montage with f.e. 10 tracks in 10 processes at once (using 10 cores) instead of of rendering the tracks one after another using only one core at a time.

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Gregor Hennig
Studio Nord Bremen

I have no clips that play at the same time. But They all do go through the same (montage) Output chain. Is it not possible to render some of those at the same time using multi core support?

What for?

err, to save time, maybe?

In theory, this would be possible by using a lot of memory. But that requires a montage with non-overlapping clips and no reverb or delay plugin on the tracks. This is a special case that requires a complex implementation. Hence not on my priority list.

I understand but:

If I selected “render selected clips”, than the overlapping and reverbs that linger on do not matter in that sense since nothing is getting “mixed”, no multichannel stuff is planned in that case.

This is right. This is a case where some improvement is possible.

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That is exactly what I have.

I have an album of 25 tracks. Each track has multiple versions but they all get processed through the same processing chain, they stay on the same track, one after another.

Common for processing all of those tracks (that is the Montage Output processing) are some plugins like a limiter but that is it. None of the efffects in this mastering chain produces any “tail”>

All I need is for this rendering of selected clips to be done in multi-core if possible. At least the audio clips that are on the same track. That would mean a lot.

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