Multiformat Render Question

I have a montage of a mastered album in 24b_96k. I want to render the finished album as both 16b_44k and 24b_96k WAV at the same time.

Is it at all possible to render masters in two different bit and sample rates (16-44 and 24-96) at the same time using the Multi Format export (rendering through the global master section with the resampler set to 44khz and Izotope dither set to 16bit)?

Or does the Multi Format export only work properly with say rendering to i.e wav and mp3 in the SAME sample rate? So only one sample rate at a time seeing the resampler is set to 44k in the master section.


The multi format works with a single Master Section configuration. That means, the “file format” stage happens with the same audio samples, output by the Master Section. IOW, if sample rate has to be different for 2 audio formats, change has to be done after the Master Section, at the file format stage.
But this is not recommended from the Audio Quality POV for the following reason: proper sample rate change must be followed by brickwall limiting and typically dithering.
This being said, this is possible.