Multikey commands

I would love to be able to have a shortcut key that requires TWO following keys to be pressed to execute the command, e.g. [Shortcut key] +[Q+1]. This would enable a vast numberof key commands and macros to be easily mapped to the keyboard.

A lot of programs have this functionality these days and we could really have a key command per function.

I am using a lot of macros.

Yeah, I wish we had this built in.

On Windows you can run the free AutoHotkey software to do this… and run HIDMacros to assign these multi-keystroke shortcuts to single keys on different keyboards. Works well, but it’s a lot of setting up.

I’d love to see the ability to have many modifier keys at once. Eg CMD+1, ALT+CMD+1, CNTRIL+ALT+CMD+1, Fn+CNTRL+ALT+CMD+1… it’s pretty easy physically to use up to four modifier keys simultaneously and it would be really useful to have that available.