Multimeasure Rests Not Appearing

Good afternoon! I am re-writing a saxophone score for a full band piece, but it is not showing multibar rests for some reason. It’s permitted in layout and engraving options, there are no signposts or other dynamics that may prevent the measures from condensing, and I can’t make out why this would be the case. I’ve attached my Dorico file here.
LOTR.dorico (1.3 MB)

Thank you!

I’m not at my computer currently but how have you checked for dynamics? I find just deleting them all can give you a solid idea. There doesn’t have to be hidden dynamics there - there can be gradual dynamics that extend through that section of music.

Sorry if this is what you meant by “no dynamics that prevent this…” etc

Just checked your file and you have a bar repeat region between bars 15-21 which is breaking the bar consolidation.

See View>Highlight Bar Repeat Regions and those bars should appear blue. Click and delete it.

Although, it appears your Full Score only contains the Sax. In the Full Score you don’t have bar consolidation activated. (Just in case it’s the score you are referring to!)

This helped! Thank you!