Multipanner resets to Object mode on reboot

I have an Atmos project set up using the internal renderer in Nuendo 12. I have several tracks that are set up as objects plus are routed to a 7.1.4 object bed. So in the multipanner, I can choose between Bed or Object mode to see how different options sound. When saving and rebooting Nuendo, any tracks that I had set to Bed mode in the multipanner are now reset to Object mode and the object parameters that I had set for the object are recalled. If I go in and change the particular track back to Bed mode, it retains all of my parameter changes with the save, but not the Bed mode selection. I understand that the renderer is seeing those tracks as objects until I remove the unneeded objects, but for choosing between the 2 options, I would think that it would retain that choice on save and reboot.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to make it retain that choice?

As far as I understand the way Steinberg implemented the internal renderer and the multipanner, it is not possible to dynamically switch between object and bed mode, as it is possible for example in ProTools.

They implemented the feed to the internal renderer somewhat strange, so if you toggle bed and object mode in the multipanner, you also switch on and off the last aux send of the channel, which is the actual object feed to the renderer.

If you try to automate this parameter either with the object/bed mode button in the multipanner or with the actual aux send on/off button, strange results happen.
So in conclusion I’d say, what you want is not possible (in Nuendo).


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Let me get this straight: The objects are connected to the renderer (via the ADM authoring tool) and at the same time routed to a 7.1.4 group track, which is itself defined as a (multi-)object in the ADM tool?
Or have you defined a 7.1.4 group track as a (multi-)object and the individual “objects” are only routed to this group track without being defined as objects in the ADM tool?

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