Multipart Synth App use in Cubasis 3.5

Hello - Does anyone know how to use a multipart synth, like Sampletank 2, in Cubasis 3.5?

Using Inter-App, I can only record, freeze, then play one Sampltank part in Cubasis, though Sampletank can be set up for up to 8 parts.

Is Inter-App not the correct way to assign multiple midi parts to one synth app? Thank you - Bruce

Hi Bruce,
Unfortunately ST can’t be used as a multipart synth unlike iM1 (8 part)
Believe me I have tried many times, it doesn’t even respond to program change messages, so if you do use ST in your project, make sure you don’t open ST anywhere else and change the instrument or parts of it because you will be altering it GLOBALY and will remain the last settings made, freeze ST as soon as you have finished or you might hear something different to what you intended!
Hope this helps.

thank you for your note. i’m new to cubasis but not new to multipart recording in a DAW. the only thing i could do was to record a sampletank part into cubasis, then freeze the track before recording another sampletank part into cubasis.
that might be the only way to get multiple sampletank tracks or even korg gadget tracks into cubasis.
i was experimenting with inter-app. i will see if audiobus works any better.
thank you - bruce

I have tried using Audiobus 3 but still no joy, ST will only let you to use it as 8 part but only within the app itself and by itself.

Thank you again for your information.

Any time Bruce, :beers: