Multiphonics flute

Hi everyone! There’s a way to insert multiphonics flute chart? Thank you so much for your response

I’d recommend using text items, with a font like this: Flute Fingering Font – Whirlwindpress


So dorico supports this type of font?

Dorico supports any text fonts, no matter how fancy!

Thank you so much!

Hello, I checked out the Whirlwindpress site, and like other flute fonts, the C# trill key is missing. Most of us playing multiphonics have C# trills. Some of us also play Eva Kingma system flutes. We really need a serious font for flutists. A sensible designer will allow room to incorporate the gamut of extended techniques. Anyone game?


A slightly clunky workaround for microtonal, timbral, and multiphonic fingerings:

  1. visit Bret Pimentel’s Fingering Diagram Builder (should be google-able)
    • create fingering diagram using customizable interface (including which “extra” keys are available)
    • download and save as png
    • I recommend creating a nomenclature and catalogue.
      (mine is in the format “fl MPh A5qtf-E6” and “fl C5qts” or “fl C5+”)
  2. in Dorico, go to the Playing Techniques menu
    • under the “Wind” dropdown, click the “+” at bottom left to create new playing technique
    • name it (i use my nomenclature without the spaces)
    • under the “Type:” menu, choose “Glyph”
    • click the pencil at the bottom left of the image window at the top of the “Edit Playing Techniques” dialogue window
    • you should see the text you’ve just typed boxed and highlighted.
    • press the trash icon at bottom right to delete it
    • in the top right, click “Graphics”
    • click “Choose…” to import a file
    • underneath, you should see your image under “Preview:”
    • click “Add Graphic”
    • it should appear in your view window, likely enormous
    • scale down on both “X:” and “Y:” axes (i recommend 10-15%)
    • click OK
      You should now see your new playing technique listed along the left-hand side of the “Edit Playing Techniques” dialogue, as well as under the “Wind” section of the Playing Techniques menu (for me, this is on the right hand side of the screen).
  3. Now you can add the playing technique through the menu or with the popover
    • shift+P to activate the popover
    • start typing your coded name, and it should appear as a suggestion

It’s front-end labor intensive, but this way Dorico understands that this is a playing technique, automatically adjusts it to avoid collisions, and - most importantly - it stays with whatever note or notes it’s modifying. (No need for adjustments if measures move around on the page.)

Let me know if you have any questions about this method - I hope it helps!


Welcome to the forum, David, and thanks for taking the time to share this method with the community.


Thanks @dspreadbury — Happy to help!

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