Multiple Aggregate Audio Device (s) on Mac

I really need some help. I have gone through all the proper steps to create an Aggregate Device for my Antelope Goliath+UAD DUO devices with my Antelope setup as the master clock.

I also made sure that my new “Goliath+AUD” Aggregate Device has been selected in Mac Preferences as the Core Audio Device for the system.

When I open my instance of Cubase 9.5 and go to the audio inputs and outputs interface and try to add more inputs from the UAD device that should now appear as available, but they are not appearing within Cubase for use.

I also made sure that the Cubase app was not running during the setup of the Aggregate Device and started up my DAW so it can recognize any new environmental changes with the system audio.

Am I missing something?? Please help!!

I looked at other posts on this topic and none were very current or conclusive information for me

My System
I’m running a Mac Pro 2013 with 12 core’s Mojave and Cubase 9.5
I haven’t upgraded OS or Cubase yet, because Everything is working fine and I’m still checking plugin, OS, and Cubase cross-compatibility before making the move.


Did you select the Aggregate Device as the ASIO Driver in the Studio Setup > Audio System in Cubase?