Multiple ASIO device question

Hey all

Been a heck of a long time since I’ve posted on these audio forums…used to be Opus2000. Not sure if any of the old school folks are around anymore…lol

Anyways, is it possible to be able to use a USB Audio device for recording while outputting via a PCI RME card? I’m looking at a USB A/D but not sure if I can continue using my RME card for output.

Well, cheers all :wink:


I personally would stay away from USB interfaces. USB never was a very stable protocol IMO …
But that is only me, maybe others will disagree.


Thanks for your opinion on USB interfaces but that doesn’t answer my question in regards to the functionality of Nuendo/Cubase with multiple ASIO devices at one time…

Any answer on that? Simple yes or no would sufflice :unamused:


You want a simple answer: Yes.

I’ve done it.

Unsolicited additional info: You get the worst of both worlds-- latency is horrible. But it does work.

In my case, and this was just to see if it could be done, I matched up a Blue Snowball USB mic with RME Hammerfall cards. Worked as long as the USB connection was stable, which was either a) for a very short while if there were any other things attached to the USB bus, or b) a little (apparently randomly) longer if it was the only thing other than the keyboard and mouse.