Multiple audio event bounce!!

Hi all, wondering if this is somehow possible?

I have a one minute audio event in the project window. Using the scissor tool (& holding down ALT) I cut this event at 50ms, so I am left with 1200 slices, each with a 50ms duration. Now I would like to bounce these slices into 1200 individual files. If I select the whole group, Cubase renders 1 file, named after the track it is placed on.

The manual states that this behaviour should occur when the events are “inside” an audio part. However, if the events are not inside an audio part, shouldn’t the bounce operation treat them individually, and bounce all 1200 files separetely?

So there seems to be a lack of flexibility here. What I have to do instead is to manually bounce each file ‘one at a time’. This takes me about 20 minutes, using a macro key command I’ve set up to automatically select the next event and then bounce it. It’s a 2 key operation, 1st the macro K.C. and then ENTER for the Replace events dialogue box.

Do anyone know of another method? If Cubase did this automatically as it should, it would probably take no more than a minute, which I could use to stand up and get some of the circulation back in my ass.

+1 new feature please. This would also be very useful for applying off-line processing to a set of audio clips quickly.


I’m doing this task exactly like you.
And it is very boring !

Hey Cplus

Just do like this:

  1. Select all the 1200 slices and play the command: Advanced > “Event or Range as Region”
  2. Then open the Pool. You’ll now see a plus sign infront of the filename. Click on the plus, and you’ll see all the 1200 Regions.
  3. Select all the Regions, and play the command: Audio > Bounce Selection.

Voilá :wink:


Unfortunately this method does not include event fade handles (What might not be a problem with 50 ms snipplets though)