Multiple Audio Interfaces / different drivers for inputs and outputs


I’ve activated today my trial for elements and I am on the market for some small home audio production.

Audio setup:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for Microphone (input 1) and instrument(input 2)
Everything else should come out through the Windows audio driver and never through the Focusrite outputs

I can’t seem to find a way to do this with Cubase, i’ve tried other softwares before and it was straightforward… even as selecting “X Output - X Device” “Y Output - Y Device”.

I might be missing something really obvious, but would appreciate some pointing in the right direction.

Thanks in Advance!

Basically it’s not a good idea to use different input and output devices. It can cause problems. This is why it is not supported. Why would you not want to use the higher quality outputs of the focusrite?

The only other option on a pc is to download asio4all which allows this and can be selected in Cubase. Not ideal though. On a Mac you can aggregate devices.

Imagine that I am playing along something that I am listening to… (ie: Something from Yousician for my kids)… I can’t route that audio through Focusrite for it to appear in it’s output… awesome to monitor like you said, high quality audio… or simply… wanting to use monitors on focusrite due to sound quality… but if doing something at night… route through Generic ASIO through headphones… without waking up the house.

Recording quality would never be affected as it would always go through focusrite… just the hearing experience in certain scenarios.

I’ll take a look at the asio4all, thanks!

PS: Last Mac I owned, had to convert it to Linux because it refused to work for my profession. Changing the OS, recovered the performance.
These new CPUs, for what I do… never, ever, ever, ever. :slight_smile:

The Scarlet has a headphone output though.

I agree with @mkok, it’s a bad idea.

That would also force me to buy proper audio headphones… because mine only use Bluetooth or USB.
The only ones I could consider connecting are my phone JBL Headphones that come with a 2.5mm to 3.5mm jack, so would need an adapter.
Issue now is… 3.5mm jack is stereo + mic… so 3 lines. Hard adapter to find.

Like I said… it’s an easy feature to implement (even cakewalk free can do it on the fly)… so was hoping Cubase would allow it. Back to shopping around.

Thanks anyhow guys!

I can run Cubase at the same time as hearing Windows audio - all from the one interface.

I use an RME interface that presents a choice of any of its outputs to Windows. Mine is a MADIFace XT - I’ve no idea which others offer this facility, so worth checking if you’re interested.

Another option might be Voicemeeter.

A standard 3.5mm to 6.3mm should do it unless you need that mic.

Unfortunately I don’t think all audio interfaces support multi client use. I don’t know if this particular one does or doesn’t. It does require a spare set of outputs on the interface as well.
I use an unused group of ADAT outputs on my RME interface as busses for Win audio and various software. It works great.

I was hoping to do it without having to spend more money.
I was just checking through focusrite and I can’t use the headphone jack… that’s only Monitor… will only return sound inputed through the interface.

To - POTENTIALLY - utilize Focusrite as an external sound card - losing THX, Surround and other things that come through my headphones for movies, games, etc - I would need a 3.5 to 6.5 that won’t lose quality (explanation below) and a Y-Splitter into two channels. Again… I am not a professional but really wanted to do some things here for me and my family.

A standard 3.5mm to 6.3mm should do it unless you need that mic.

I bought 7. From 1.5€ to 10€.
All them refuse to fit properly.
Best combo was amazon basics 2.5mm - 3.5mm + amazon basics 3.5mm to 6.5mm.

STILL… they disconnect too easily. Not a valid solution.

The thing is to identify what you want to do, then buy the device that does it. Here you’ve bought the device and are trying to push it to do something it maybe isn’t fundamentally capable of. Sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward…

But good luck with it.

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That’s not true. Sounds like you have Direct Monitoring enabled. or something similar. Refer to the manual for this one.

I - between many things - give Leadership and performance in sports / esports classes… hence why I have the focusrite and a proper microphone.

Had everything on headphones so I could move around to a whiteboard and heard people through the headphones.

I also restarted playing bass… wife and kids also play instruments… so yeah… we were trying to adapt what we have to a semi-pro program as we didn’t enjoy cakewalk.

Do I need mixing tables, preamps, etc, etc, etc? No… no way.
Should we be forced to use only one device ? Also no. It’s like I said… if on Cakewalk choose the device on the fly without even having to restart the driver, why not on a more professional tool?

Yes, I am aware I’ll lose quality… but I am not an audio producer. If that day comes, investment in systems will be with that priority.

Now I need 24 core CPUs, 16GB+ Graphical Memory… 64GB of RAM and tons of TB of space… because that’s my 9-5 job… Sys Engineering.

If ignorance is bliss…

The devices need to sync their sample rates, but this is not possible with cheap on board headphone outs. ASIO4all and Voicemeter will allow the general use of different I/O devices at the same time, the drawback is much higher latency.

Read the manual for the Focusrite and buy an adaptor for the headphones. The adaptor will cost not more than 5 €.

We could be helpful without the sarcasm, though.
It nearly made me ignore your entire post

I know and understand all that… if you are planning on making this your life… but I am not… side project and I already have a very busy life and won’t go trigger my GAS just because a feature could be there. Professionals, audophiles, etc can ignore the button… randos like me that want to have some fun experimenting with the software and don’t want to spend gazzillions in gear can use the button.

From a previous post:
I bought 7. From 1.5€ to 10€.
All them refuse to fit properly.
Best combo was amazon basics 2.5mm - 3.5mm + amazon basics 3.5mm to 6.5mm.

STILL… they disconnect too easily. Not a valid solution.

There are plenty of other DAWs available. Given your description of knowledge and limited time plus your setup… maybe Cubase is just not right for you.
My advice would be to try other software.

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You can buy “proper” headphones for very little money. They might not be the highest quality, but they will work for now.

Add another 50 bucks to your budget to get something like this …

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Closed-back Monitoring Headphones | Sweetwater

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It’s professional software. I expect it to be setup so it works correctly with asio audio interfaces. . I personally don’t want them spending time getting it to work with rubbish pc audio. I want it to work in a professional way that is reliable.