Multiple Audio Segments Per Audio Track

Here is a feature that is possible with software that would not be possible in the classic hardware studio domain. Multiple audio segments being playable in a single audio track. Allow me to explain…

While editing vocal chops, I sometimes need to have two vocals playing at the same time or one needs to overlap another. This requires me to create a new audio track with exactly the same insert effects as the original vocal track. This uses twice the processing power as one single track just so that I can get a few milliseconds worth of audio overlap.

It would be great to be able to have two (or more - unlimited?) audio segments being played fully within one single audio track so that it saves valuable CPU power. Right now, whenever you have another audio segment overlapping within one track, only one segment is playable at a time. Perhaps this feature could be toggled so that people could choose one behaviour or the other so it won’t cause any issues with old project compatibility.

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Naturally overlapping audio clips will both sound unless they are prevented. Not sure why they are prevented in Cubase. It is allowed in Studio One, Sonar, FL Studio and Reaper. This is the primary reason I no longer use Cubase. I love Cubase so I hope that they soon allow overlapping audio clips to be heard.

You brought up another good reason to allow overlapping clip to be heard. For me, I do audio montage and pile up audio clips on a track. The selected audio clip become translucent so that I can place it properly over another clip.

There is a work around offered in the forum but for me it is useless.

I have made a Feature Request but apparently it has been ignored. This is an ETIFR, Easy To Implement Feature Request so please Steinberg implement it with the next update.

+1 to your request. But…

…is not true. An alternative is to have two tracks feeding a single Group channel and to put your processors on the Group Channel. It’s not ideal, but if you’re running out of resources currently then at least it tackles that issue!

+1 again. This has been asked for by many. Def needs the user preference to toggle it on/off. Also mentioned elsewhere… you might be able to create a custom crossfade to allow you to do what you need to do to hear the overlap.

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Cubase Forum search: overlapping


On a (somewhat) related topic… one of my futile Annual Requests for 10+ years is MULT. Which is apparently unknown to people who haven’t used a real desk.

It simply means a Y-jack on any input. ie. you should be able to route the output of any # of tracks PRE fader and PRE inserts to another track… so they both share the same inserts and fader.

For example, you’d have two bass tracks… the 1st one you’d want to mult to the 2nd so they share the same pre, inserts, etc. rather than having to do the tiresome task of duplicating all automation, fx, parameters, etc.

In short, I like yer idea. ANYTHING that is easy to do on a real desk should be doable in Cubase, but (sadly) it seems antithetical to Cubase’s paradigm.

And frankly? I’m sick of SB working on MixConsole. I want them to devote some -real- time to getting back to MIDI, VSTExpression, UI convenience.