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I was a life-long Finale user, but I’ve made the switch and I absolutely love Dorico! I currently have Dorico installed on my desktop at home and was wondering about installing it on my laptop as well for when I’m traveling. Is that possible?

Then you need to buy the USB eLicenser dongle and move the license there.
And just move the dongle between computers.
You can’t move it back to Soft eLicenser though, so you’re stuck with the dongle.


From what I heard, Steinberg is working on a new licensing system, but there are no time plan.

Yes, as Jesper said, once you move the license to a USB-eLicenser, it can never be moved back to a soft-license on one computer. You will always need the dongle plugged into whichever computer you wish to use Dorico.

We are all (patiently or otherwise) waiting for a better licensing system, which might come “sometime.”

Have faith. If @dspreadbury says it’s coming one day, I choose to believe that it’s coming one day :grinning:


Which version? If you have the free SE version, you can get another license as I understand it. For a paid Elements or Pro version then see the other comments.

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I just hope the dongle can remain (with any other method).
I couldn’t stay without (since a lot of time)! Even with laptops on the move!
But any improvement is welcome obviously).

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When Dorico transitions to the new licensing system, we do not anticipate that it will be possible to continue to use the USB-eLicenser with Dorico. Although there is still much to be decided about the new system, one thing that seems pretty certain is that the USB-eLicenser will not be a part of it.

@David_Campo, if you don’t want to move your license to a USB-eLicenser because that is inconvenient, then another option is to move your Soft-eLicenser to another computer using the reactivation workflow described here. This will move your registered eLicenser to your other computer, but in fact Dorico will remain licensed on the original computer and will continue to run; the only issue will be when you come to update to the next major version of Dorico, at which point you’ll need to update on the machine that has your registered eLicesner, and then repeat the procedure in reverse to activate the update on the other machine, moving the registered eLicenser back again.

And if you get into a pickle, I can always provide you with a time-limited license to allow you to run the software on your laptop computer for a period of time without requiring the USB-eLicenser. Just get in touch if that is something that would be useful to you.